• At Detox, we accept new items Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All items will be assessed in store at the time of arrival. This process takes no more than 10 minutes and we ask that you stay until completion.​

  • Items that show excessive wrinkling will not be reviewed.

  • Please ensure all pieces are laundered and folded. We prefer no hangers.​

  • Please note, here at Detox we are Florida casual. We do not accept Formal or Business attire.


  • *Ask us about our CONTACTLESS Venmo payment option*

  • No more than 30 pieces can be reviewed at one time.

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Clothes Hanging

Step 1:

Cleanse your closet! Bring in your designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.

Only buying Monday , Wednesday and Friday. 

Please ensure items are freshly laundered and folded. Hangers are not preferred.


Step 2:

Bring your items right in! Kylie, the owner, will assist you with the buying process. Drop your  items at the desk and take a look through the store. We will review your items right away! 


Step 3:

We will let you know after we are done reviewing your items! Please meet us up at the front desk to review. We will present you with a 30% cash offer for all clothing items, shoes and entry level handbags. Dont worry, if you want item pricing broken down individually we have it for you!

Not only do you get cash today, but you recycled your beautiful items and somone local is going to love them!! Your old favorite may be a new favorite!!

Outdoor Market

Buying Guidelines

  • All items must be defect free. We do not accept items that show any type of wear, staining, fading, pilling or holes.

  • Desired brands can be found on our approved brand list ("Brands We Love").

  • Styles must be current to within the last 2 years.

  • Items must be season appropriate.