Same Day Cash

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Weekend Drop Off
Same Day Cash

Tuesday   .    Wednesday   .    Thursday

10Am    -      2PM

Weekend Drop Off

Saturday  .  Sunday

Open  -  3PM

Limit 30 items to be reviewed at a time. We will provide you with a container. Items that do not fit into container with top closed will be given back for later review. 

Items must be gently used or like new.

Hangers are not suggested.

Overly wrinkled items will not be reviewed. 

Clothing items must be in season and no older than 2 years. Vintage designer bags are welcome!

We ask that you hang out and shop while we process your on the spot buys Tuesday- Thursday.


Weekend Drop Offs
will be processed Monday morning.

Sellers have until close of 
business Tuesday to pick up items that we can not take.

Items left 
Wednesday morning will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS.